They say “you can’t please everyone” – but that won’t stop me from trying.

I am pleased that my clients give me consistently great reviews. Here is what a few have written.




Had the pleasure of attending a private event last evening, where Chef Tom led a group of gals through preparation of an amazing menu. It was a hands on experience, and I walked away feeling confident I could recreate the …..

Eileen M.

Had a sauces class and bread class, I still use the techniques today and frees me to truly experiment and create great tasting food. — Shawn R.

Shawn R.

I took Chef Tom’s knife skills class. I wish I’d done this years ago! I learned so many techniques. My food not only looks better, I save so much time! — Cathie

Cathie C.

Fantastic food and fun too. Guaranteed to learn something new! — Justin

Justin G.

This weekend was our annual girls’ get together – sisters, nieces, and friends. Chef Tom came to my house and led us thru an amazing hands on class and dinner preparation. Everyone had a great time, learned something new, drank …..

Debbie L.

Enjoyed a great grilling class with Chef Tom a few days ago. Discussed homemade rubs and marinades. Made carne asada, pollo, Spanish rice, roasted corn salad , and tropical rub grilled pineapples. Yum! He’s a great teacher with a diverse …..

Dagne A.

Had an awesome time with chef tom! — Jehricole

Jehricole O.

Chef Tom did a terrific job with my recent dinner party. We loved the interactive cooking lessons and the food was wonderful. It was a stress free night 🙂 — Kelly

Kelly I.

Food was absolutely delicious and it was cooked perfectly… What a great prom dinner, everyone enjoyed it all! — Emma

Emma S.

Chef Tom has the ability to make any type of cooking/recipe seem less intimidating. His warmth and sense of humor combined with his world wide experience and knowledge translate into an exceptional learning experience. — Karen

Karen K.

We had Tom come into our home for a cooking demonstration for our family. There were a total of 9 of us. Tom did a great job — it was an enjoyable evening, with lots of smiles and great food. …..

John M.

Chef Tom teaches how to cook; he does not simply demonstrate a recipe. After taking various classes from Thai, Italian, Chinese, etc., to his Culinary Boot Camp series beginning with the very basics, my cooking has improved immensely. I now …..

September Y.

I was a little worried when I signed up for a set of classes, my cooking was so bad I could ruin a box of macaroni. Last week, I cooked pork dumplings for a group of friends who, despite me …..

Evan Van S.
Alumnus - The Culinary Institute of America

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